At B’nai Tikvah we believe Shabbos is more than just Saturday morning prayers. It is a special time… A time for us to reflect and to recharge ourselves… A time to spend with friends and family. What better way to spend time with your B’nai Tikvah family than over a leisurely lunch after services.

Where the schedule allows, you may sponsor a Kiddush (up to 50 people) which Includes any package for $7 pp.

Package 1

  1. salad choices or 3 Israeli options
      Tuna, Egg or whitefish or salmon salad
  2. Israeli Options
      Babagounoush, hummus, Israeli salad, grape leaves, ratatouilli
  3. pasta choice
      Pasta primavera, lo mein, tuna pasta, tabouli
  4. green salad choice
      Cesar, salad greens, marinated grilled veggies, lettuce, tomato, onion, potato salad or cole slaw, spinach, health salad
  5. bread choice or Israeli choice

Package 2

    1. Hot Dish
      • Spinach Lasagna
      • Veggie Lasagna
      • Stuffed Shells
      • Falafels
    2. 7 section platter: pick from the following
        Tuna, egg, corn, greek, baby corn, grape leaves, orzo with feta, orzo with veggies, tabouli, 3 bean, cherry tomatoes with mozzarella, chick peas with tomatoes, palm and peppers, carrot, tuna pasta, Turkish, hummus, Israeli salad

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How often do we offer a luncheon, following services?
A: We have an open congregational lunch after services on Shabbat when there is no scheduled B’nai Mitzvah.

Q: Who provides the food?
A: The food is prepared by our own Classical Caterers.

Q: How are these luncheones funded?
A: The Luncheons are paid exclusively through sponsorships. They are not subsidized by the synagogue.

Q: How do I sponsor a luncheon?
A: Either fill out the form below or contact the luncheon committee.

Q: How much does it cost to be a sponsor?
A: A basic luncheon for the congregation starts at $350 or $250 if co-sponsored.

Q: Can I co-sponsor with someone else?
A: Yes. A co-sponsored lunch would cost only $250 per co-sponsor (a savings of $100.00)

Q: What do I do next?
A: Submit the following form or contact the synagogue office.

Please Complete the Form and Submit to the Synagogue Office

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