The Congregation is governed by an elected Board of Directors that manages and administers the affairs of the synagogue according to the duties and responsibilities outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws and in accordance with a Code of Ethics.

The board is responsible for raising funds, administering programs, and establishing policy in consultation with the Rabbi, Cantor, and the synagogue Administrator.

The board is comprised of the President, an Executive Committee (consisting of the Immediate Past President, Vice Presidents of Administration, Activities, School & Youth, Ways & Means, and Membership), four Officers, and thirteen Trustees, including representatives from the Men’s Club, Sisterhood, the Day Timers, and USY. Members are nominated by Committee and elected by the Congregation.

The directors meet once a month to discuss and take action on various synagogue issues. These meetings are open to all congregants, and as a member of B’nai Tikvah, you are given access to the minutes of these meetings. They are archived in the “files” section of the B’nai Tikvah announcements eGroup on the Yahoo Groups website.

Your Voice is Vital to Us

We need to know how you feel about what’s happening in the synagogue and your thoughts about what we can do together to meet your needs. We need your criticisms to help improve our service to the congregation and the community.

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