Rabbi WolkoffRabbi Robert L. Wolkoff came to us in July of 2007 from Congregation Agudath Achim in Savannah, Georgia where he was their spiritual leader since 1995.

Robert L. Wolkoff is a graduate of Wesleyan University and was ordained by the Jewish Theological Seminary. In Sweden, the rabbi served as co-chair of the Council of Christians and Jews and as a member of the Swedish Free Church Trialogue of Moslems, Christians, and Jews. While in Sweden the rabbi met his wife, Ruth-Ann, who was on a business trip at the time. The two married and returned to America in 1993, where they lived in Appleton, Wisconsin for several years. He is a past President of the Southeast Region Rabbinical Assembly and member of the Executive Council of the Rabbinical Assembly. As past president of the Greater Carolinas Association of Rabbis, he fostered cooperation and harmony in one of largest interdenominational rabbinical organizations in America. Rabbi Wolkoff founded and served as director of Blackfire, which raised the Jewish public profile in Scandinavia, defended the Jewish community against governmental, academic, and theological anti-Semitism, and presented a Jewish perspective on social issues and Israel. Rabbi Wolkoff relocated to the parsonage in North Brunswick in August of 2007 with his wife, Ruth-Ann, and their three children, twins Ethan & Joseph, and daughter Dhalia Orli who was 9 months old at the time.

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