As a service to our members and guests when they are unable to join us in person for Shabbat and holiday services, you can watch B’nai Tikvah services live over the Internet from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Please note that broadcasts are automatic and scheduled in advance. Because of the restrictions against doing work on Shabbat and many holidays, should technical difficulties arise, we will not be able to address them immediately.

You can also watch on TV by using AirPlay with AppleTV or by streaming with an Android device via Chromecast or Roku, etc.


Note from the Ritual Committee

The topic of streaming our services from B’nai Tikvah was discussed for months by the Ritual Committee and Clergy. They have considered the issue of the use of electricity on the Sabbath—it is permitted for this purpose. They have considered the question of whether someone watching at home can count as part of a minyan (answer: no) and whether they could say Kaddish if a minyan is physically present at B’nai Tikvah (answer: yes). They have also considered the possible negative consequences of streaming the services—both that people at services might feel inhibited if they knew they are being “watched,” and also the possibility that people may choose to stay home rather than come to services.

These concerns are understandable, but we don’t believe the negative consequences will be far-reaching, while the benefits will be substantial and widely shared. Watching services over the Internet cannot match the warmth, intimacy and spirituality of being in the sanctuary in person with your fellow congregants and the rabbi and cantor. However, there simply are times when we just can’t make it to synagogue, perhaps because we’re not feeling well, the weather is too forbidding, or we’re traveling. And of course there are times when we want friends or family members to celebrate a simcha with us but they live too far away or are physically not up to coming.