Membership at Congregation B’nai Tikvah is an annual enrollment. Full member dues are payable the first day of the new fiscal year (August 1st ). Members can avail themselves of the quarterly dues structure.

It is B’nai Tikvah’s tradition to never turn anyone away because of their inability to pay membership dues. Special financial arrangements can be made by discussing individual circumstances, in confidence, with the Financial Secretary.

Membership CategoryApplicable Dues Structure
ARegular family membershipFull dues + Building Fund
BNew family or couple, no child in 3rd grade (Alef) or above in religious school.Year 1 - ¾ dues
Year 2 - Category A
CNew family or couple, both under 30
with no children in religious school
50% dues until one member
reaches 30 years of age
DSingle parent or member50% of appropriate category
EMember's Child over 21 who is neither a full time student nor a dependent. Same as Category D
FCouple with a non-Jewish spouse60% of appropriate category
GAssociated Membership with a full membership at another synagogue.
(Receives only publications and activities.)
HSeniors - married couple with one member at least 65 or both retired with one member at least 60 years old, may elect to pay only 60% of dues*
ISeniors - single person who is at least 65, may elect to pay only 30% of dues*
Chai Member – 18 years or more consecutive membership to synagogueCourtesy 10% discount on high holiday guest tickets, synagogue events, Men’s Club and Sisterhood membership. Also includes special Chai Member programs.