In addition to our Board of Directors, we often use committees to oversea certain areas of the synagogue or plan special events.

Bikur Cholim

In Hebrew it means “visiting the sick”. The committee also provides support for the caregivers.

Chair: Jill Stone, moc.l1508234224iamg@1508234224709en1508234224otSll1508234224iJ1508234224 609-642-6940

Blood Drive

A Blood Drive is held twice a year (January and July).

Chair: Barbara (Bobby) Bergman, ten.e1508234224nilno1508234224tpo@y1508234224llani1508234224f1508234224  732-246-7285


The committee determines the policies by which our members are entitled to internment at the synagogue’s cemetery.

College Connection

The Synagogue keeps in touch with our college students while they are away at school and sends packages throughout the year for various holidays. They are well received and are a vital link between our Synagogue and the college youth.

Chair: Phyllis Safeer, ten.t1508234224sacmo1508234224c@rsj1508234224bp1508234224  732-432-9622

Gift Card Committee

All B’nai Tikvah members are encouraged to purchase Supermarket Gift Cards. This policy, implemented by the Board of Directors, is designed to increase revenues while providing members with a form of dues reduction.

Chair: Barry Safeer, ten.t1508234224sacmo1508234224c@ree1508234224faS1508234224  732-432-9622


Chair: Bill Greenberg, ten.e1508234224nilno1508234224tpo@81508234224944ro1508234224liaS1508234224  732-297-6953


Chair: Phyllis Safeer, ten.t1508234224sacmo1508234224c@rsj1508234224bp1508234224 732-432-9622

Parent Action Committee (PAC)

The PAC aids the Nursery School Director and other committees with fundraising, special and social events, such as Hanukah, Purim, class trips, and tzedakah.
Co-chairs: Dana Chalson, moc.l1508234224iamg@1508234224anadn1508234224nep1508234224, and Marlene Buckwald, moc.l1508234224oa@9115082342248hcae1508234224tram1508234224

Ritual Committee

The volunteers on the Ritual Committee organize Daily Minyanim, Shiva Minyanim, services for Shabbat, High Holidays and Festivals.

Chair: Gordon Heit, ten.t1508234224sacmo1508234224c@71215082342240nodr1508234224oG1508234224 732-297-6284

School Board

The Religious School Board provides guidance, feedback, and support to the School Director and establishes policies governing the Religious School and Junior Congregation.

Co-Chairs: Sharon Cohen, moc.d1508234224uolci1508234224@nora1508234224hsgre1508234224bdlog1508234224 and Suzanne Oliver, moc.l1508234224oa@8015082342246sret1508234224ooP1508234224.

Social Action

Each year we run a Needy family Program.

Contact: Janice Baer, ten.n1508234224ozire1508234224v@11d1508234224bbj1508234224  732-940-0268