It is Rabbi Wolkoff’s desire to meet the spiritual and emotional needs of every congregant, especially with regard to life cycle events, such as births, weddings, funerals, and hospitalization or home-bound illness.

In order to help you, our office (732-297-0696) must be kept informed.

It is appropriate to contact the rabbi whenever tragedy or trauma occurs, regardless of the hour. On Shabbat and Yom Tov (a holiday), it is not expected for the rabbi to use the telephone or e-mail. At such times, you can reach him at the Synagogue during scheduled services, or by coming or sending someone to his residence, or call immediately after Shabbat or Yom Tov.

In Case of Illness

and/or hospitalization, notify the Synagogue Office or call the rabbi. Due to the Federal Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act, anyone admitted to a hospital will be asked to elect, in writing, if they wish to receive visits from the clergy. We urge you to opt on to the clergy list so that you can be visited should the need arise. The hospital will not notify us otherwise.

In Case of Death

Call Rabbi Wolkoff at the synogogue office (732-297-0696) or on his cell phone (732-570-7634) before making the funeral arrangements. The Rabbi will assist you in arranging for an appropriate funeral. If you cannot reach the Rabbi, contact the funeral home and begin to make your arrangements. Please do not finalize the funeral time until you have contacted the Rabbi.

Announcements of funeral information (time and location) are emailed via the CBTnewsletter to all subscribed congregants. Shiva Minyan information (with driving directions) is posted on the website as appropriate.

Congregants in good standing are entitled to be interred in Washington Cemetery. in South Brunswick.