The High Holy Day Committee is responsible for planning, organizing, and
implementing the ritual aspects of observing and celebrating Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Sukkot. The Committee seeks input regarding congregants who have contributed their resources to the synagogue and/or the community.

Approximately one third of the congregation receives an honor each year according to the following criteria:

  • Current year members of the Board of Directors
  • Current year Executive Board members not coming back for another year
  • Cohane Aliyot and Leviim Aliyot are assigned to each tribe, respectively
  • Torah honors (Yisrael Aliyot, Lifting, Wrapping, Holding, Reading, and Gabaiim) and Chanting Haftarah are given to those selected to receive a high honor
  • New members
  • Past Presidents and the Current Executive Board each hold a Torah during Kol Nidre Recitation
  • The U.S.Y. leads Ashrei
  • The Cantor honors congregants by asking them to assist in leading services
  • Shofar Blowers are assigned to those who can
  • Previous year’s B’nai Mitzvah students are honored during Havdallah Services

If a congregant does not show up at the front of the sanctuary, closest to the ramp, at the designated time, (one or two pages before they actually need to be on the bima), those honors are quickly filled at the discretion of the Ritual Committee Ushers.