At B’nai Tivkah, in addition to supporting the synagogue through our dues and donations, we actively raise funds through both fun events such as our annual gala, as well as value-added programs, where the fundraiser benefits both the synagogue and supporter, such as our Internet Gift Card Program.

Here are a list of our programs and the appropriate contact person. Have a suggestion for a fundraiser? Contact our VPs of Ways and Means, Marc Rosen moc.l1518828486oa@781518828486185rc1518828486ram1518828486 or Craig Cohen moc.o1518828486ohay@15188284861002e1518828486bergb1518828486p1518828486.

Internet Gift Card Program – you can purchase gift cards for hundreds of stores and online retailers (e.g., Amazon), and the synagogue receives a portion of the proceeds. Contact Barry Safeer ten.t1518828486sacmo1518828486c@ree1518828486faS1518828486 with any questions.

Gift Card Program (formerly Scrip) – purchase gift cards that can be used at local supermarkets and stores and the synagogue receives a portion of the proceeds. Contact Barry Safeer ten.t1518828486sacmo1518828486c@ree1518828486faS1518828486 with any questions.

Amazon Smile – register for this program, select Congregation B’nai Tikvah as your charity, shop at Amazon and the synagogue will receive .5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.

Fruit of the Vine – we are tasting wines from Israel after Shabbat services, specifically ones from wineries targeted by the Boycott Israel movement. Here you can not only read tasting notes for those wines but you can also purchase the wines via and the synagogue will receive a portion of the sale.

Tree of Life – we have a series of decorative plaques in our synagogue lobby displaying our Tree of Life. You can purchase one of these plaques in memory or in honor of someone. Contact the synagogue office, gro.h1518828486avkit1518828486ianb@1518828486eciff1518828486o1518828486, with any questions.

Shomrei Tikvah (The Guardians of Hope) – a capital fund that is used to preserve and embellish the operation of our buildings and grounds. The funds raised through Shomrei Tikvah provide a financial cushion to repair and maintain our buildings, especially as they are aging. Contact Jeff Schwartz ten.t1518828486sacmo1518828486c@91z1518828486trawh1518828486cseJ1518828486 questions.

Our Supporting Organizations


Our Sisterhood conducts several fundraisers throughout the year to supplement not only their programming but programs in the synagogue as well. For example, the synagogue provides funds for youth scholarships to encampment, synagogue-wide Israel program and makes an allocation to the synagogue budget each year.  Here are some of the Sisterhood’s ongoing fundraisers:

Bimah Baskets – decorate the bimah on your simchah with two beautiful baskets! A portion of the money you give Sisterhood for these baskets will be donated to a charity of your choosing. Contact Jill Eisner  moc.l1518828486oa@en1518828486sieij1518828486 with questions.

Mazel Tosses – toss little pouches of candy during your simcah. Sisterhood will provide lovely individually wrapped kosher candies for your use. Contact Jill Eisner moc.l1518828486oa@en1518828486sieij1518828486 with questions.

Sisterhood Gift Shop – provides for all your Judaica needs. Contact Serena Blackin ten.t1518828486sacmo1518828486c@nik1518828486calbr1518828486 questions.