At Congregation B’nai Tikvah the High Holy Days are a time for reflection, introspection and reconnection. We welcome family and friends to join our members in celebrating and observing these special days. We understand the importance of attending High Holiday services. We regret that in some instances we have to charge for tickets. The request for a donation reflects our enhanced security measures as well as the expense in maintaining the building during the holidays. We do respect the fact that our members already bear the largest share of this financial burden.

Members must register their guests and receive tickets by:

  • completing this Guest Ticket Form and sending it with payment to the synagogue office
  • by registering and paying online by completing the form below
  • by stopping by our administrative offices at your earliest convenience.


All tickets will be checked at the front desk prior to admission to our sanctuary.

Any Congregation B’nai Tikvah member in good standing may register guests who will be attending High Holiday services in accordance with the Guest Ticket Policy below. Also note that newcomers to our community have always been welcome at our  High Holiday services free of charge. New families must contact our office in advance to obtain complimentary guest tickets that are only available once per family.


1. Adult children in school or living at home may be registered for guest tickets. There is no charge for these tickets.

2. Adult children/spouses,grandchildren whose primary address  is beyond our local membership communities of North Brunswick,South Brunswick,East Brunswick,Franklin Township and Monroe Township are eligible to receive guest tickets if requested by a member. The recommended donation is $118.00 per guest.

3. Visitors to our area during the High Holy Days  who are members in good standing  of an out of area synagogue will be provided with complimentary guest tickets upon presentation  of a letter from their synagogue requesting  guest tickets be provided to their traveling member.

4. Active duty members of the Armed Forces (and their families) are always welcome to join us during the High Holidays as guests of the congregation upon presentation of their military ID.

5. Member guests other than the categories listed above will be required to purchase tickets at a price of $118.00  each. Payment is  expected prior to issuing tickets.

6. As is customary, our Rabbi is prepared to address requests for guest tickets from members of our community who are experiencing financial challenges.

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If you require more than 4 guest tickets, please submit this form, pay and then complete the form again.

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Please select the number of guests based at the Standard Donation Amount of $118 per guest or opt to enter your own donation amount below:

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