Students are encouraged to attend Junior Congregation often and, depending on their Religious School grade, are required to attend a minimum number of services.

Junior Congregation Requirements

GradeMinimum RequirementJunior Congregation at B'nai Tikvah

Each week, an attending monitor will have a book with a separate page for each student.It’s the child’s responsibility to check in with the attending monitor who will separate the pages of the book and update the child’s attendance records.

Within 6 months of a child’s B’nai Mitzvah, attendance should be in the main sanctuary. Prior to that, students of the Hei class may attend in the main sanctuary.

As a guide to help “stay on track”, divide the total number of times required by nine (9) months. For example: Dalet students requirement of 18 / 9 equals 2 attendances per month.

It is expected that children attend for the entire service. Early departure or late arrival may, on occasion, be unavoidable. However, if the length of an attendance is not deemed sufficient, then no credit will be given for that service.

Attendance of a Sunday morning Bar/Bat Mitzvah Service or Friday evening service does count towards requirements. Havdallah (including Mincha & Maariv) also counts toward requirements. Students must attend a minimum number of Junior Congregation Family Services per the above grid. This mandatory service requirement is included in the total requirement for each child.

Dress Code

The children will be in a religious service and therefore, we request appropriate Shabbat attire (no sports uniforms, t-shirts, shorts, tanktops or baseball caps).

Ideally, we’d like to see our Junior Congregants in shoes and slacks or shoes and skirts/dresses.